Why should I keep distributing print when it costs so much to produce?

Print is a highly effective way of generating awareness. It is tactile, visual, persuasive and portable. Distributed and positioned well, print has impact. It reaches people you may not reach through advertising, on-line marketing or direct mail. It can deliver new audiences. It is also a vital element of the marketing mix, ensuring maximum ‘hits’ with those audiences you are specifically targeting.

Why should I continue with poster campaigns when they cost so much to produce?

Posters have high visual impact and are a highly cost effective alternative to billboards. Well positioned posters in high traffic and high dwell sites create a ‘buzz’ around an event. An attractive poster makes you stop and look. It’s an excellent way of getting your brand and your event in the public domain.

What’s the benefit of distributing to non-arts sites?

We distribute print to places people go to in their everyday lives — the hairdressers, pubs, cafes, Post Offices, shops, doctor’s surgeries. This means your print will reach potential new audiences who may not actively seek out ‘event’ print from fixed racks. Seemingly randomly placed leaflets, coupled with broad coverage in a city, town or village, ensure multiple hits, getting your message out and about and reinforcing it many times over. In addition, as many of our sites are exclusive to us, there is minimum competition with other event print making your message a ‘unique hit’.

Why don’t you have a fixed rack system?

Very few businesses take print racks because of the large amount of space they take up. A reliance on racks would therefore diminish our reach in the regions we distribute to. In addition, racks tend to obscure much of the print design, reducing their impact. Large racks can become messy very quickly. They also create a competitive environment where your print will by vying for attention with amongst many others.

This said we do have small, discrete, transparent racks in key selected sites. Designed to hold just a few items, with no obscuring of the print design and managed by us, our racks will address all the issues mentioned above.

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