The difference

Client focused

We know the business of distribution, leaflet marketing and field marketing inside-out. Over the years we have built an excellent reputation for our efficiency and effectiveness. It is only by being client focused, listening to their needs and selecting the best possible sites to meet them that we can achieve this. The fact that most of our work is repeat business, and most new business comes via word-of-mouth, stand testament to the value we place on satisfying our clients.

Volume, scale and saturation

With a proven track record in effective mass print distribution for outdoor events, festivals and large scale commercial tours, we have a vast network of sites nationwide that we have carefully cultivated over years who are happy to display your print through us.


We’ve been in business over 30 years which has given us in-depth knowledge of places (regions, cities, boroughs, rural communities), positioning (selecting the best sites for your target markets) and effectiveness (the most successful and trustworthy sites for your print).

Personal touch

Distribution is a people-centred business. It is the rapport and trust we have with our ‘drops’ — built up through our friendly, courteous and professional service — that opens doors to outlets that are exclusive to us.


Operationally we are lean, fleet of foot, highly responsive and incredibly flexible. There are no fixed runs and no set distribution routes or cycles you have to fit in to. We fit around you and your needs.

The extra mile

We take pride in our work and work hard to deliver best value for the client. This might involve sourcing brand new drops for a highly targeted run, putting in extra mileage to reach exactly the right places, or talking with our drop site owners and managers for feedback.


We know that generating positive word of mouth is an important element of your marketing campaign. Brief us and we will happily advocate your event as we go about our work. We can help spread word of mouth to those business owners and managers best placed to pass the message on to potential audiences and visitors. We can do this because we already have a good relationship and rapport with our suppliers… and it’s FREE.

Good practice

We pride ourselves on our professional integrity. We distribute every piece of print that is given to us. We aim to personally place leaflets and posters to ensure maximum visibility. We work with sites we know and trust and carefully cultivate new ones. We do not fly post. Whilst we can’t guarantee that every piece of print we distribute will be picked up, what we can guarantee is excellent service and the best possible results. We collect all out-of-date flyers and posters and recycle them.


Feedback is an element of our service clients value highly: feedback on pick up rates, reactions to print design, people’s experiences of the shows. Feedback is important in helping the client stay connected with the market, learn from successes and failures, and refine their approach.

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